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Convict Final Battle

It's not that hard. Easiest way is, stay the fuck away from Asshole. Then, when one of them picks up the ranged-weapon upgrade, have an opponent between you and the one with the ranged weapon. You won't get hit, they'll get hit instead. So everyone stop complaining about that.

Awesome game, but could of had one or two more characters. But, really no changing that as of now.

Keep up the awesome work, creators.

Was this game built to make your head explode?

Evil thing, it is. Expecially when you forget which way up is.
"Is it this key?"

I hate it, but then I love it. (^.^)
(Its kirby..thing... bare with me...)

Great game.

I lived 300 somewhat seconds before getting killed by one of those HUGE black things. Can't wait for the new ones!

Loved it,

I loved all of them truly, but you took the cheating trick out..... Meanie.

Good game though, you really should keep this up. This would accually be a great console game.


The "Undefeatable" Lamp monster was easier than I had assumed.
This is a good game to play when waiting for a movie to load. The ending , was like a kick in the balls >.<


Personally, I like rock (not the new crap), but this caught my attention! Me and My brother are in a band and we found this, quoting my bro here "Really God-Damn Great"! It would be shweet if you made a second one, but it wouldn't be need.
\w/ V.V \w/ live long, my friend!

To the last guy...

Quit your bitching. You probally just can't win. Uzi's cost alot because theres nolonger a guy on the street cornor selling them!
shesh. Anyway this game is a much better sequel. The scientist and the Box bug me. I always end up accidently shooting them. Good game.

Crapped myself.

Never play this game at midnight with headphones that are cranked up. I got the crap scared out of me when i saw the face under my bed. I thought "I found my mom! I WIN!" so i clicked it. The Ugly-Ass dude came out of the bed and stabbed my throat. I truly didn't need that in my life at a early age -_- .

Quit PMin' Me. I am NOT a lonely kid. God-damnit.

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